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Social Media Marketing & Advertising

We provide comprehensive social media marketing services, but when you combine them with our automated software, Linq CRM, that is when the magic happens!



The growing importance of social media marketing among businesses is very clear. So, the question is no longer if you must use the social media tool in your marketing activities, but how to do it better.


How We Grow Your Business With Social Media

Social media can seem fickle and time-consuming. And it’s often misunderstood. But social media has the power to create real fans who buy — and brand ambassadors who spread your awesomeness. We’ll flex our social (media) skills for you to build brand loyalty and website traffic.

Strategy Development

We work with you to develop long-term strategies that define, shape + reach your goals. Optimized per platform, KPI-driven, brand-centric, holistic.


Campaign Development

From this strategy, we curate advertising + social campaigns that reflect your audience, brand + goals. Campaigns are essential to seeing effective results and long-term growth. These are delivered on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, dependent on your scope.


Campaign Production

Each campaign requires a content shoot where we develop the visual through our production studio. By integrating strategy + art direction we can deliver stunning images that effectively translate the campaign goals.


Campaign Calendar & Review

This is where your dedicated social management team and copy-writer plans out all of the posts for the month. Calendars are created on a monthly basis to ensure modernity. Calendars require a review process.


Scheduling & Publishing

After the calendar has been approved, your digital team manages all scheduling, posting and monitoring of your content, ensuring your content is optimized for your unique audience + their viewing habits.


Community Management

We manage your comments & enquiries, pointing every interaction in the right direction. Whether it be directing them to the correct member of your team to ease sales flows or making a joke with a fan, we’ve got your community covered.


Put your social media to work

Why Do It?

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing Services

An effective social media strategy helps brands attract customers that share content and become advocates for the brand. With Ravenus Digital as your social media agency, your brand can go to the next level by attracting and engaging prospective customers across the globe. To know more about our social media expertise, connect with us today.

Improved audience targeting

Our social media experts have the technical know-how to develop strategies that help identify prospective customers by using various online metrics, which in turn helps you create specific content for your target audience and boost conversions.

Customer engagement

Customers do not want to spend money on a brand they don’t feel connected to. By creating interactive and relatable content on social media, brands can engage customers better leading to improved conversions.

Memorable and immersive content

With social media flooded with a massive amount of rich content, and people constantly glued to their phones, you need to invest in good SMM to create content that makes the audience pause and stands out from the competition.

Improved brand visibility

By creating a strong social media presence, and zeroing in on your target audience, your brand can get noticed by your prospective customers across geographical locations.

Better search ranking

With good SMM, there’s an increase in shared content on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc which helps improve brand credibility and gets a higher ranking on relevant searches.

Budget-friendly solutions

Social media is much cheaper than the traditional ways of marketing and has leveled the playing field, allowing every business to reach a global audience. Our experts devise creative solutions that allow small businesses with limited budgets to access a huge customer base from the get-go.


And then sprinkle a touch of Magic on top

Pick Your Plan

Social Media Pricing

Social Media Management

Is your social media business page boring? Do you have low post engagement and slow audience growth? Then let our expert Social Media Managers take the reigns.  Discover how our agency and social media management services can grow your online presence, increase your sales, and improve your customer loyalty.

Pricing based on the average business’s needs and options can be added or removed and pricing adjusted according to your business’s unique situation.

Basic Plan

Basic Plan

Ideal for small businesses that need a social media boost


$150 Setup Fee


$150 Setup Fee

Social Media Posts



Advanced Plan

Advanced Plan

Perfect for small to medium businesses ready to go to the next level


$200 Setup Fee


$200 Setup Fee

Social Media Posts



Premium Plan

Premium Plan

Tailored for successful businesses looking to outsource social media


$300 Setup Fee


$300 Setup Fee

Social Media Posts



Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media.

Social Media Advertising

We fuel your business growth with data-driven strategies. 

  • Increase traffic to your social media pages or website
  • Build a database of potential customers and funnel them through your sales pipeline
  • Increase your brand awareness and authority 
  • Promote your products and services
  • Build community trust and engagement
  • Increase SEO via links

Our recommended strategy

For most businesses, we have found a combination of our Social Media Management Basic Plan and Lead Generation or Promotional Ads to be the most effective balance of keeping your current audience engaged and finding new clients/customers. The frequency of ads is dependent on your business needs.

Setup fees apply unless you also have Social Media Management services. Ad spend costs are not included.

Best with Linq CRM
site, structure, 02

Lead Generation

$300 $ 225 / each
  • Collect Customer Info
  • Best In-app Experience
  • Easy CRM Integration
  • Retargeting Opportunities
  • Real-time Lead Access
  • Focused Audience Segmentation

Facebook & Tiktok Lead Ads

man, laptop, user


$275 $ 200 / each
  • Highlight Products/Services
  • Increase Sales
  • Detailed Targeting
  • Connect to Sales Funnel
  • Grow Your Audience

Facebook Advertising

The Magic

Acquiring Customers on Autopilot with Linq CRM

Linq in Action
The Linq Dashboard and the Lead Connector App
Linq Dashboard
Connecting All Your Marketing Assets
Social Planner
Plan, organize, and schedule all your content for all your social media from one place.
Lead Ads
Funnel interested customers from your social media to purchase. On autopilot.
See exactly what our efforts are bringing in to your business.
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Facebook™ & TikTok™ Lead Ads

Lead Ads allow you to find people who may be interested in your products or services and collect information from them. Using an Instant Form, you can collect contact information such as name, email address, phone number and more. Linq integrates directly with Lead Ads and automatically begins the process of nurturing from interested person to buying customer.

Content Scheduler

Linq Social Planner is an incredibly useful tool for businesses and individuals alike. It allows users to plan out their content ahead of time, ensuring their social media accounts remain active and their followers are engaged. The app can also be used to track analytics, measure the effectiveness of content, and automate posts, making it an extremely valuable asset for any business or individual looking to maximize their social media presence.

Workflows & Integrations

Lead Ads and Facebook™ Messenger Chatbots connect directly to your Linq CRM dashboard. We create custom and automated workflows designed to instantly engage with leads & visitors, create new customers, and nurture lasting customer relationships.

Take Linq CRM For A Test Drive

Fill out this simple survey to see how Linq CRM could work on your website by engaging your new site visitors in a Customer Journey. This survey will demonstrate a bit of the magic Linq CRM can do, including new customer outreach, customer nurture via SMS and email, review campaigns, and more.

If this was your survey or form, it would be customized for your business needs and would be completely automated to keep new customers/clients engaged and informed for their entire customer lifetime.

Don’t want to fill in a short survey? Click the button for our Quick Form option.

Our Process

How Ravenus Works

We have made our process as simple and streamlined as we can to ensure you are fully informed every step of the way.


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Start A New Project

Your project begins with a deep dive into your business. We build a snapshot of your online performance to find strengths and weaknesses, learn about your customers and more. Then we develop a strategy customized to your needs.

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Clients Feedback

Our Clients Reviews

I highly recommend Ravenus Digital Media. Fantastic service, very professional, extremely talented and the finished product was absolutely amazing!!

Barrita Durward
Barrita Durward

Owner - Cotton's Chocolates

Kevin is a wealth of knowledge and an absolute pleasure to work with!


Business Owner

Kevin’s passion, dedication, creativity and current knowledge when it comes to social media and online marketing is impressive. He took over the social media for my business last year and I have seen a 30% increase in traffic, engagement and client leads. I highly recommend him!

Stacey Davidson
Stacey Davidson

Owner - Virtual job Search Coach

It was a pleasure working together with Kevin on a giveaway collab!

Heidi Lettrari
Heidi Lettrari

Business Owner

Kevin was great to work with for a video project! He was on time, reliable, and took account of our ideas (good and bad!) for the video to make it great! Thanks Kevin!

Gabi Dubland
Gabi Dubland

Co-Owner - Fill Vernon's Refill Store

The Evolution of Business Marketing

The All-In-One Marketing Solution

Transform your business with custom marketing strategies linked with an automated software solution. Our team of experts will build your CRM software system to streamline your processes, improve lead management, and automate tasks. Say goodbye to manual work and hello to increased productivity and sales. Let us help you maximize your business potential today.

Ask us about our Custom Plans built for your business.

Ravenus Ecosystem

We build, monitor and optimize your entire marketing ecosystem. Add more Services for per project fee.

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DIY Plan

Our Basic Plan for Business Owners wanting to DIY their marketing but need guidance and marketing tools. Add Services for per project fee.

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