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Integrate, Automate and Grow

The Revolution of Business Marketing

Your Marketing Ecosystem

Your Marketing Ecosystem

A whole-of-business approach to business marketing involves integrating marketing activities across all aspects of the business, from product development to customer service. This approach recognizes that marketing is not just about promoting products or services, but also about creating a consistent and positive brand experience for customers. This means that all departments within a business need to work together to align their efforts with the overall marketing strategy, including product development, sales, customer service, and communication. By taking a whole-of-business approach, businesses can create a seamless and unified customer experience that enhances brand loyalty and drives sales growth. This approach also ensures that all aspects of the business are aligned with the needs and wants of the target market, resulting in a more customer-centric business model.

Integrate, Automate and Grow

Customer Relationship Management

Every essential part of a marketing ecosystem can be integrated, controlled & analyzed in one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system 

A CRM is among the top three tools for creating personalized interactions with customers to foster loyalty and a higher marketing return on investment (ROI)

Scaling customer-centered decisions and actions is the main driver behind increased investment in CRM software

How much customer satisfaction can increase by using mobile CRM software
How much process efficiency can increase by using CRM software
How much profits can increase with a 5% improvement in customer retention
Essential Parts

The Elements of the Linq Ecosystem

Whether you implement a marketing ecosystem or use just a few elements is up to you. Our recommendation?

Real progress comes from taking big strides not baby steps.

Online Reviews

Online Reviews

Improve your ratings and build your reputation. Send manual requests or setup to run on autopilot.



Grow your audience & know where new leads are coming from.

Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox

Manage your messages with a single inbox for text, Facebook messages, Google messages, Webchats and more.

Missed Call Text Back

Missed Call Text Back

When you're away, have Linq follow up via text so you never lose another customer.

Webchat & Forms

Webchat & Forms

Convert more website visitors into leads & sales conversations with Webchat and integrated forms.

Email Automation

Email Automation

Automate all your email follow-ups with instant, auto replies.

Keep scrolling to see a list of all the powerful features Linq has to offer that you can choose from.

Advanced Elements of Linq CRM

Get Found with Reviews

Automate Your Online Reviews

Improve your ratings, build your reputation, and get found online by sending review requests via text to recent customers, responding to and interacting with reviewers, and managing it all from a single inbox.

Be the obvious choice for people who find you online. Stand out on the sites that matter by easily collecting hundreds of customer reviews.

Access all your customer reviews, for every location, from every source, in one dashboard.

Test out our Review System below. Feel free to say something nice about us in a review and get a 25% discount on a month of our services! (Don’t worry Linq will immediately tell us about your comment)

Every Message In One Place

Turn Chats Into Revenue

Convert website, Facebook and Google My Business visitors into customers. Engage visitors immediately with live chat, or save time by auto-responding with our AI chatbot.

Never miss another chat, review, survey or referral. Now every customer interaction lives in a single place, right in your inbox — ready for you to respond to.

Webchat allows you to text your leads even when they leave your website. Using business texting we route messages to their mobile phone so you don’t lose them.

We, of course, use Linq Chat on this site, go ahead and write “test” without quotes in our chat on the right to see it in action. You will need your mobile phone handy.

Your New Virtual Receptionist

Never Miss a Customer Call

Receptionist answers calls when you’re out of office, closed or just busy on the phone. All missed calls and voicemail transcriptions are delivered to you in a centralized inbox.

Get mobile notifications for every call and text back quickly through the mobile app.

Read the voicemail transcript or listen to the audio, then continue the conversation through text.

Make Your Facebook Ads Do All The Work

Social Media Ads on Steriods

Facebook and Tiktok Lead Ads have become the go-to strategy for finding potential customers/clients interested in your business.  We have taken it to a new level by integrating Lead Ads with Linq CRM.

Until now you had to either use complicated and convoluted systems to connect to social media platforms or manually download new leads hours after initial contact and then reach out to them. We do it for you with one single click.

Not only that but we create automated workflows that nurture these new leads on a journey from curious to interested to buying customer and finally to brand ambassador, without you having to lift a finger.

Linq replaces every single one of these tools that most businesses should have in their marketing toolbox...

Which price makes sense to you?

Purchase Linq CRM today and boost your business growth

Linq Starter

For emerging businesses just getting off the ground or small business needing a boost.







And More

Most Popular

Linq Pro

Perfect for small to medium businesses ready to go to the next level.



Everything in Starter+

Auto Missed Call Text Back


Bookings & Appointments

Social Media Planner

Sales Funnels

Forms & Surveys

And More

Linq Premium

Tailored for successful businesses looking to compete with top companies.



Everything in Starter & Pro+




Hit The Ground Running

Advanced Account Setup | Done-With-You

If you’re ready to scale your business and grow without the added stress or burnout, our Advanced Account Setup Service can help you focus and hit the ground running. Have an expert walk you through and teach you how to grow and scale your business ensuring the use of Linq at it’s fullest. Building out your Linq account with you. Work more productively and efficiently with best practices and training for you and your team to help gain knowledge on the software and become a pro in no time. We know there is much to learn and build when signing up. Let our consultants guide you on your path to success.



Choose What Makes Sense For Your Business

Your Options

Linq CRM can be purchased by business owners as a software tool to accelerate growth or hire us as your marketing team and we will utilize Linq to it’s full potential in the Ravenus Ecosystem detailed below.

The Evolution of Business Marketing

The All-In-One Marketing Solution

Transform your business with custom marketing strategies linked with an automated software solution. Our team of experts will build your CRM software system to streamline your processes, improve lead management, and automate tasks. Say goodbye to manual work and hello to increased productivity and sales. Let us help you maximize your business potential today.

Ask us about our Custom Plans built for your business. Setup fees are included.

Ravenus Ecosystem

We build, monitor and optimize your entire marketing ecosystem. Add more Services for per project fee.

Starting at


DIY Plan

Our Basic Plan for Business Owners wanting to DIY their marketing but need guidance and marketing tools. Add Services for per project fee.

Starting at


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The 30-Day Content Marketing Plan

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☑️ Develop relationships with your audience
☑️ Generate highly qualified leads

The Ultimate Social Media Calendar

Grab our FREE Calendar/Planner and learn how to:
☑️ Set goals and objectives 
☑️ Stay organized
☑️ Maximize efficiency
☑️ Increase engagement
☑️ Save time

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How Ravenus Works

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Clients Feedback

Our Clients Reviews

I highly recommend Ravenus Digital Media. Fantastic service, very professional, extremely talented and the finished product was absolutely amazing!!

Barrita Durward
Barrita Durward

Owner - Cotton's Chocolates

Kevin is a wealth of knowledge and an absolute pleasure to work with!


Business Owner

Kevin’s passion, dedication, creativity and current knowledge when it comes to social media and online marketing is impressive. He took over the social media for my business last year and I have seen a 30% increase in traffic, engagement and client leads. I highly recommend him!

Stacey Davidson
Stacey Davidson

Owner - Virtual job Search Coach

It was a pleasure working together with Kevin on a giveaway collab!

Heidi Lettrari
Heidi Lettrari

Business Owner

Kevin was great to work with for a video project! He was on time, reliable, and took account of our ideas (good and bad!) for the video to make it great! Thanks Kevin!

Gabi Dubland
Gabi Dubland

Co-Owner - Fill Vernon's Refill Store

Linq Review Demo

We are going to have to use our imagination here a little bit. Imagine you are a new customer and you recently purchased a product/service or maybe filled out a website form/survey. (in this scenario we are actually talking about your products/services or website) As a new customer you gave the business (which in real life is you) contact info. With that contact info Linq will automatically send a Review Request at a set interval. In this demo we left Phone as optional but SMS Review Requests are very effective.